Sunday, April 16, 2017

For You

Charlotte:  Momma?

Me:  Yes, Petey-Pie?

Charlotte:  *pointing to my plate, on which sit two small brownies* If you don't want to eat your second brownie, I could take it for you.

(April 16, 2017)

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Or Your Right One

Molly:  Some time, can we go to Skateland, and I can see Gabriella there if her family goes there on the same day?

Me:  Sure, I think we could make plans like that some time.

Charlotte:  And me, too!  I wanna go!

Me:  You don't even like roller skating.

Charlotte:  I wanna try again, now that I'm six.

Molly:  I really don't want to fall and get a giant bruise on my left butt cheek again.

Charlotte:  Or your right one!

(April 11, 2017)

On the Rocks

Butch and me:  *discussing dinner plans on the phone via our cars' bluetooth connections*

Molly and Charlotte:  *riding in the back seat of Butch's car*

Me:  I'll meet you there. If you want to go ahead and order for me, get me a water and --

Charlotte:  A margarita on the rocks!

(April 11, 2017)

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Since I Got It

Charlotte:  *picks up a glass of milk*

Butch:  Don't drink that.

Charlotte:  Why not?

Butch:  I don't know how long it's been sitting out.

Charlotte:  Since I got it.

(April 7, 2017)


Me:  Do you feel six?

Charlotte:  Hmmm . . . not really.

(April 5, 2017)