Friday, March 30, 2012

You're Killin' Me

Molly:  *Hands me her juice cup.*
Me:  *Waits expectantly for her to actually ask for more juice.*
Molly:  Get more some more juice.
Me:  *Waits expectantly for her to ASK for more juice.*
Molly:  Mom, could you get me some juice?
Me:  *Gives her a look and waits expectantly for her to say "please."*
Molly:  Mom, you're killin' me!

(March 30, 2012)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just Whatever

Molly:  Dad, you have to get my cup.
Butch:  Bring to me, and I'll fill it up for you.
Molly:  Whatever, Dad.  Just whatever.

(March 25, 2012)

What Are You Supposed to Do?

Molly:  *Trips and dumps her bowl of rice that she had been told to leave on the table but was instead carrying back and forth across the living room for no reason.*

Me:  Molly Grace!  What are you supposed to do with your rice?!  (Correct answer:  Leave it on the table.)

Molly:  Not dump it.

(March 25, 2012)

I Know You're Busy

Molly:  Come on, Dad, play with me!
Butch:  Well, Molly, I'm cleaning up right now, ok?
Molly:  But play with me!
Butch:  I can't play right now.  I'm cleaning up.
Molly:  Dad, I know you're busy.  But you're not busy.  Play with me!

(March 25, 2012)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Too Busy

Butch: Come on, let's clean up.
Molly: No, it's not time to clean up. It's time to make a mess.
Butch: Fine then. We'll just skip cleaning up and go right to bed. Come on.
Molly: No, I can't go in there. I'm too busy. I can't do it. I'm too busy.

(March 17, 2012)

I Never See You

Molly:  *jumping on her bed with her stuffed dog*  This is fun.  I never see you because you're always under Baby Charlotte's bed.

(March 17, 2012)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I'm Jus' Telling You

Molly: Dad.
Butch: Yes, Molly.
Molly: I'm jus' telling you that I'm very tired and going to sleep and the light is on out there. *pointing out the car window to a streetlight*
Butch: Ok, baby.

(March 8, 2012)