Sunday, December 25, 2016

You People Down There

Butch, Erica, Mom, and Me:  *watching Steelers vs. Ravens football*

Molly and Charlotte:  *playing upstairs*

Butch and Me:  *explode in cheers as the Steelers get a touchdown*

Molly:  What's wrong with you people down there?

(December 25, 2016)


Molly: *taking a t-shirt out of a box of clothes she just unwrapped, tossing it aside after barely a glance*

Me:  That one says, "The sass is strong with this one."

Molly:  Yes, it is.

(December 25, 2016)

Friday, December 23, 2016

A Long Time

Me: Can you use your big-girl voice when you talk to Santa? Not your tiny voice, so he can actually hear you?

Charlotte: But I'm kind of scared, too.

Me: Why are you scared? It's Santa!

Charlotte: Yeah, but it's been a long time.

(December 23, 2016)

Empty Stomach

Molly:  Are we going to Mexican, or are we going to see Santa?

Me:  Yes.

Molly:  But which one are we doing first? I hope it's Mexican because I'm very hungry, and I do NOT want to have an empty stomach when I talk to Santa.

(December 23, 2016)

Monday, December 5, 2016


Me:  *sitting in the rocker in Molly's room, grading papers while waiting for the girls (who have recently taken to sharing a bed by choice) to fall asleep*

Charlotte:  *climbs out of the bed and tiptoes over to me. places her index finger in front of her mouth.*  Shhhhh.  Molly's asleep.

Me:  *WTH look, speechless.*

Charlotte:  I helped her fall asleep.

Me:  YOU should be asle--

Charlotte:  Shhhhhhh.

(December 4, 2016)